Our Season

2017-2018 Season of Shows BrochureWe are excited to offer you the following options when booking a Rags to Riches performance  for the 2017-2018 Season. If you’d like to sponsor a show, please contact Melody Peters for more information.

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Fall 2017

Old Aesop’s Tales

September 2017-December 2017

The story of the play is based on the traditional “Aesop’s Fables.”  A young girl, Alessandra, is on her way to the Eastern Market when she meets an older Gentleman.  This man accompanies Alessandra to the Market.  Along the way, this older gentleman relates such tales as “The Tortoise and the Hare,” The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” and “The Lion and the Mouse.”  Join us as we watch Alessandra learn a few valuable lessons.  Alessandra makes it to the Eastern Market safely and a little wiser for the journey.


Puss in Boots

September 2017-December 2017

Jaques, the miller’s son, has inherited a talking cat who wears boots. His inheritance also included a castle on the top of the hill, but that is occupied by an ogre. Josie, the cat, tells Jaques that she will help him regain the castle on the hill if he will only follow her plan and her lead. Jaques agrees and Josie takes a gaggle of geese to the King from her master, “the Marquis of Carrabas.” Jaques has to pretend that he is the Marquis and the King wants his daughter, Olivia, to meet him. Will Josie get rid of the ogre in time? Will Jaques convince princess Olivia that he is a Marquis? Will the Puss in Boots succeed? You’ll have to watch and find out.


Jack Tales

September 2017-December 2017

Paying homage to the Appalachian Tradition from which these tales have sprung, join us as we follow Jack up that big ole Bean Tree!


The Gingerbread Boy

December 2017

This play is an adaptation of the familiar tale,”The Gingerbread Boy.”  In this version, instead of the Gingerbread Boy running along, chased by those who would devour him, he runs along proclaiming, “Fast, fast, fast I am. You can’t beat me I’m the Gingerbread Man.”  After a while, he gets the attention of an inchworm who challenges him to a counting race, and a spelling bee who challenges him to a spelling cheer off!  His last challenge is with Tammy T. Turtle in a running race.  Of course the Gingerbread Boy thinks he will win that race for sure. Join us to see how he makes out in the end.


Spring 2018

Little Red Riding Hood

January 2018-May 2018

Little red riding Hood 4 - Rags to Riches Theatre for Young AudiencesThis adaptation of the classic fairy tale is a unique retelling of the story as related by Charles Perrault in 1697. This is a play within a play. Two “famous” actors get together to put on a play. Once the key roles are decided the play begins. A father sends his daughter, dressed in a red riding hood to deliver some goodies to his ailing mother. Along the way, Little Red Riding Hood is waylaid by a cunning wolf who plans to disrupt her plans for the day.  The wolf suggests a race to Gammer Goodnoggin’s house. The crafty Thelonious T. Canine beats Little Red Riding Hood to the humble abode, only to find that he is unable to complete his action as described in the classic tale. Join us as we see how the wolf makes out in the end.


Another Strand in the Web

January 2018-May 2018

The story of this play is the discovery of three spider tales namely,”Why Spiders Live on the Ceiling,” “Stone with a Beard,” and, “Ananse Goes Fishing.”  In the first tale we see how Ananse outwits the Leopard and finds a safe place to hide. In the second tale, The Stone with a Beard that he finds is magical and Ananse uses it to trick the animals out of their food.  Ananse is caught, however, and looses all of the food that he hoarded. When Ananse goes fishing with Turtle he thinks that he will be able to trick Turtle into doing all the work, but Turtle knows Ananse’s tricks and so he tricks Ananse into doing all the work.  Join us as we watch and experience these fun spider tales.


The Flying Ship

January 2018-May 2018

This play follows the tale as related by Arthur Ransome.  The story begins with a young fool, Nicolai, who lives with his parents who are common folk. Word is sent out through the land that the Czar is going to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who can bring him a flying ship. Nicolai sets out to find a flying ship and meet the Czar. On his journey he meets an old lady with whom he shares his small lunch. For his kindness, she repays him with a bag of magical caterpillars who build for him his flying ship.  Join us as we watch and see who Nicolai meets along his journey and what happens after he meets the Czar at his palace.