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Rags to Riches 2019-2020 Season BrochureRags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences is thrilled to offer you the following options for performance during the 2019-2020 Season. If you’d like to sponsor a show, please contact Melody Peters for more information.

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Fall 2019

The Owl and the Turtle

September 1st – December 20th

The story of this play is based on the tale as related by Lou Peters in the story “The Owl and the Turtle” published in 2010. Awake tonight in the evening grey, Judy the owl wants a friend who can play. Judy goes out to find someone to play with and meets Toni T. Turtle. They have a wonderful time playing all sorts of fun games. When the sun comes up they see each other and have a great fright. Birds don’t play with ground walkers and turtles don’t play with birds! They leave each other, but realize their friends aren’t right. They reunite and their friendship stays strong, shining bright with delight.


Rapunzel - Rags to Riches TheatreRapunzel

September 1st – December 20th

This play is an adaptation of the familiar tale as told by the Grimm Brothers. A young couple is expecting their first child. The wife craves the delicious and leafy lettuce”rapunzel,” from a nearby garden. When the husband is caught stealing the rapunzel from the garden, that belongs to a witch, he must give up their first child in exchange for his freedom. The witch raises the girl,”Rapunzel,” and locks her in a tower, where only the witch can get in and out by climbing on the girl’s golden hair. Alone and sad, Rapunzel sings to herself and it is this habit which attracts the young prince who becomes her true love. Join us as we find out what happens when the witch discovers their secret.


Jack Tales

September 1st – December 20th

Paying homage to the Appalachian tradition from which these tales have sprung, Viola Buxom & Sye Buckwagon try to best each other’s Jack Tale. The tale of “Jack and the Bean Tree” is interwoven with “Jack and the Melon Patch,” and “Bean Tree with a Beard.” Original music that is played on guitar by Lou Peters and sung by Lou and Melody Peters, is sure to bring ol’ Jack to life. Hope to see you on the road. Oh, and by the way, the last time I saw Jack, he was doin pretty well!


Gingerbread and inchThe Gingerbread Boy


This play is an adaptation of the familiar tale,”The Gingerbread Boy.”  In this version, instead of the Gingerbread Boy running along, chased by those who would devour him, he runs along proclaiming, “Fast, fast, fast I am. You can’t beat me I’m the Gingerbread Man.”  After a while, he gets the attention of an inchworm who challenges him to a counting race, and a spelling bee who challenges him to a spelling cheer off!  His last challenge is with Tammy T. Turtle in a running race.  Of course the Gingerbread Boy thinkshe will win that race for sure. Join us to see how he makes out in the end.

Download our Fall 2019 Show Descriptions Flyer in pdf format.

Spring 2020

Old Aesop’s Tales

January – May

The story of this play is based on the traditional “Aesop’s Fables. A young girl , Alessandra, is on her way to the Eastern Market when she meets an older Gentleman. This man accompanies Alessandra to the market. Along the way this older gentleman relates such tales as ,”The Lion and the Mouse,” “The City Mouse and The Country Mouse,” and “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Join us as we watch Alessandra learn a few valuable lessons.


The Princess and the Pea

January – May

The Princess and the Pea, the story of this play is based on the tale as related by Hans Andersen in the collection of tales,”Tales Told for Children,” published in 1835. Prince Jonhnathan has been searching for a bride. He hasn’t been successful because he only wants to marry a real princess. A wicked storm brings a guest to the castle, Ophelia, who claims to be a real princess. The King insists that Ophelia must pass three tests to prove her lineage. Join us to see if Ophelia is truly a real princess.


Caught in the WebCaught in the Web - Rags to Riches Theatre

January – May

This play is the first in the trilogy of plays about that tricky little trickster, Ananse the Spider. Three tales are spun together to introduce us to the happy little trickster who delights young people as they are growing up in West Africa, the Caribbean and the Southern United States. Now, we hope that this character’s antics will delight, YOU!


Download our Spring 2020 Show Descriptions Flyer in pdf format.