Our Season

We are excited to offer you the following options when booking a Rags to Riches performance  for the 2016-2017 Season. If you’d like to sponsor a show, please contact Melody Peters for more information.

You may download a poster of our full 2016-2017 Season in .pdf format and share with your friends!



Fall 2016

The Princess and the Pea

September 1st – December 22nd

Enjoy our lively version of this classic story. Will Prince Jonathan find a REAL Princess to marry? Will Princess Ophelia pass the fitness tests to prove her worth? What about the Pea? Join us and find out!


The Owl and the Turtle

September 6tMeet Owlh – December 22nd

The story of this play is based on the tale as related by Lou Peters in the story “The Owl and the Turtle” published in 2010. Awake tonight in the evening grey, Judy the owl wants a friend who can play. Judy goes out to find someone to play with and meets Toni T. Turtle. They have a wonderful time playing all sorts of fun games. When the sun comes up they see each other and have a great fright. Birds don’t play with ground walkers and turtles don’t play with birds! They leave each other, but realize their friends aren’t right. They reunite and their friendship stays strong, shining bright with delight.


Stone Soup

September 10th – December 22nd

This production is an adaptation of the Grimm Folk Tale. A mouse family sends their daughter, Scurvy Rickets off to the City School because she has been invited to make this special journey. On her way, she gets hungry and tries to find some animals to share some food with her. Everyone is greedy and stingy and will not accommodate Scurvy. When she speaks of her magic stone left from the soup that she had at the King’s table, everyone suddenly changes their tune. Join us as we watch Scurvy convince the animals in the town that by sharing there is more than enough food for everyone, and how they can have fun doing it.


Gingerbread and inchThe Gingerbread Boy

December 1st-December 22nd

Catch the Gingerbread Boy on the run as he meets up with a counting inchworm, a spelling bee, and a turtle along his journey. Join us to see how this Gingerbread Man survives!





January 4th-June 10th

In this adaptation of the Grimm Fairy Tale, a young couple is expecting their first child. The wife craves the delicious and leafy lettuce”rapunzel,” from a nearby garden. When the husband is caught stealing the rapunzel from the garden, that belongs to a witch, he must give up their first child in exchange for his freedom. The witch raises the girl,”Rapunzel,” and locks her in a tower, where only the witch can get in and out by climbing on the girl’s golden hair. Alone and sad, Rapunzel sings to herself and it is this habit which attracts the young prince who becomes her true love. Join us as we find out what happens when the witch discovers their secret.


Caught in the Web

January 8th-June 10thCaught in the Web 6

Discover three spider tales namely,”Ananse and the Talking Melon,” “Ananse and the Moss Covered Rock,” and “Ananse Goes Fishing.” Ananse the trickster tricks Tembo the Elephant into believing that he has a patch of talking melons when he is caught eating a rather tasty melon. The Moss covered rock that he finds is magical and Ananse uses it to trick the animals out of their food. Ananse is caught, however, and loses all of the food he hoarded. When Ananse goes fishing with Turtle, he thinks he can trick Turtle, but Turtle knows Ananse’s tricks and so he tricks Ananse into doing all the work. Join us to experience these fun spider tales!


The Disenchanted Dragon

January 14th-June 10th

Samantha, a shepherd’s daughter, is known far and wide for her book learning and so, when a dragon shows up in a cave on the hill where her father’s sheep graze she decides to go meet the dragon. She finds that he is really an actor who has been playing the dragon for years “from here to Timbuktu!” This “dragon” would rather write poetry, tell stories and sing songs. Percival has fallen out of the enchantment he was put under and simply does not want to play the dragon any more. Samantha devises a plan to allow him to stay!