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2018-2019 Season BrochureRags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences is thrilled to offer you the following options for performance during the 2018-2019 Season. If you’d like to sponsor a show, please contact Melody Peters for more information.

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Fall 2018

The Frog Prince

September – December

This adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm tale is one of absolute delight. A young princess receives a lovely gold ball from her father as a prize and then she loses it in a river not far from her castle. She is very upset until a frog offers to retrieve the ball for her in exchange for a few favors. She promises to hold up her end of the bargain, and the frog gets her ball back for her. In excitement and disbelief Penelope runs back to the castle completely forgetting about the frog
and her promises. When Ferdinand the Frog arrives at the castle, Penelope realizes she will have to hold true to her promises!


Hansel and Gretel at Nasher 4Hansel and Gretel

September – December

Hansel and Gretel enjoy remembering and retelling the story of what happened to them when they got lost in the deep dark forest gathering berries. They spend the night and wake up convinced that they hear voices calling them home when in fact they are lead to a house made of sweets and candies. They set upon it and begin to eat of the sweets, unbeknownst that the house was inhabited by a witch who loved to eat little children. The witch captures Hansel and Gretel manages to stay hidden and tries to think up a plan to escape. She uses her courage and wit to “outsmart” the witch and set Hansel free at the end!


Stone SoupStone Soup

September – December

This production is an adaptation of the Grimm Folk Tale. A mouse family sends their daughter, Scurvy Rickets off to the City School because she has been invited to make this special journey. On her way, she gets hungry and tries to find some animals to share some food with her. Everyone is greedy and stingy and will not accommodate Scurvy. When she speaks of her magic stone left from the soup that she had at the King’s table, everyone suddenly changes their tune. Join us as we watch Scurvy convince the animals in the town that by sharing there is more than enough food for everyone, and how they can have fun doing it.


Gingerbread and inchThe Gingerbread Boy

December 2017

This play is an adaptation of the familiar tale,”The Gingerbread Boy.”  In this version, instead of the Gingerbread Boy running along, chased by those who would devour him, he runs along proclaiming, “Fast, fast, fast I am. You can’t beat me I’m the Gingerbread Man.”  After a while, he gets the attention of an inchworm who challenges him to a counting race, and a spelling bee who challenges him to a spelling cheer off!  His last challenge is with Tammy T. Turtle in a running race.  Of course the Gingerbread Boy thinkshe will win that race for sure. Join us to see how he makes out in the end.

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Spring 2019


January – May

Hope, the baker’s daughter, boasts to the King that she can spin straw into gold. The King calls her bluff and asks her to prove her skill and be married to him or meet her peril. Locked in a room in the castle, Hope wishes for an intervention and meets an ugly little man who turns the straw into gold. She only had to promise her first born child. Upon the birth of her son, the ugly man returns and asks for the child. She cries and cries and he finally agrees to let her keep her son if she can guess his name. Do you know what it is?


Disenchanted Dragon - Rags to Riches Theatre for Young AudiencesThe Disenchanted Dragon

January – May

Samantha, a shepherd’s daughter, is known far and wide for her book learning and so, when a dragon shows up in a cave on the hill where her father’s sheep graze she decides to go meet the dragon. She finds that he is really an actor who has been playing the dragon for years “from here to Timbuktu!” This “dragon” would rather write poetry, tell stories, and sing songs. This dragon,Percival, has fallen out of the enchantment he was put under and simply does not want to play the dragon any more. Samantha devises a plan to allow him to stay in their town!


All the Same Web

January – May

This play is the last in the trilogy written about the trickster, Ananse the Spider. In this play we explore the premise that the Ananse stories spread throughout the world and were told in many different ways and by many different peoples. Brer Rabbit shows us why rabbits live underground. We get to see Aunt Nancy deal with old Uncle Lazybritches. We see they’re all connected when we see Ananse go fishing with his good friend the Turtle. Brer Rabbit, Aunt Nancy and Ananse are all caught up and spunfrom the same web.

Download our Spring Show Descriptions Flyer in pdf format