Tips for Staging

StagingMany theatre troupes need a stage or proscenium that sets them apart from their audience. Rags to Riches is just the opposite. Because our performances are interactive, we like to be up close and personal.


Here are some suggestions for getting the most from our performance.

1. Pick a room for the show that will allow the actors to easily mingle with the audience. If you do prefer that we use a stage, please make sure the audience is as close as possible and steps are available for us.

547072. Staff members are fair game. Nothing makes kids laugh harder than adults who are willing to be silly.

3. We bring our own equipment. Please let us know if there are special requirements at your location, such as a sound system or lighting.

4. We love it when our performances can encourage literacy. Whenever possible, we encourage you to read the stories we’re performing before the show.

5. Please let us know if there are audience members with special needs. Everyone can pretend – we want to be as inclusive as possible.

6. Give the audience a chance to succeed by explaining appropriate behaviors for the theatre before they enjoy the performance.