These are some of questions that we are asked on a regular basis. If you have one that isn’t listed here, please email us

Do you accept donations?

Yes. We can accept support in a number of ways, including performance sponsorship, equipment donations or financial gifts and matching funds from employers.


Are the donations tax-deductible?

Though we don’t recommend asking an actor for financial advice, we are a recognized as a 501(c) 3 organization and all donations are tax exempt to the full extent of the law.


Do you only perform in North Carolina?

No. When we say we travel, we mean it. We’ve performed across most of the East Coast. We love the chance to take our show on the road, be it for a festival, fair or private performance.


What do you mean when you say we can sponsor a show?

Though we work with many schools, there are so many children who never get exposed to the arts. And they are usually in schools that can’t afford to prioritize theatre. We work with companies or individuals to sponsor a performance series, preferably in neighborhoods with little chance for exposure to the arts. Sponsoring a performance can be tax-deductible and we are delighted to recognize that sponsorship on all program materials and press releases.


Where do you get your ideas?

There are so many great stories, whether fables or historical tales. We love to read so we base our performances on the works of great storytellers. (Then we add our own special twist…)