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We love to hear reactions from our audiences! If you would like to share your experiences from a Rags to Riches performance, please email us!

Here are a few reactions from recent shows:




You performed at Morehead this past week—I didn’t see it, but Lena reported that it was great!  She was singing various songs about Stone Soup all evening.  She also noted that in all your plays, she really likes the travelling music.

I’m pretty sure you all are magic, the way you keep kids’ attention and worm your stories into their malleable little brains!

Laura, parent of audience member

Myself and my two young children saw your performance of The Frog Prince this past Wed. at the Rowan Public Library. I just wanted to pass along something that my four year old son had to say about your show….“I guess if I had to marry a frog, I would want a funny one like that one we saw today…” We had such a wonderful time at your show and hope to be able to see you again very soon. Thanks for the laughs!!!

Crystal Love

Rags to Riches has been coming to my school since we opened 17 years ago. I am constantly amazed at how 2 people can bring such wonderful entertainment to our children. I honestly don’t know who enjoys it more—my children or my teachers. I highly recommend them.

Sharon Fingerhut, Owner of Tutor Time Child Care

Magic does not just happen by itself, but can be generated, and Rags to Riches theatre company does exactly THAT every time they bring a performance to our school. In this day and time, focused attention is a challenge with our young children, but it is amazing to watch to Rags to Riches ‘share’ a story with 250+ children and have everyone fully engaged. I say ‘share,’ because it is not a ‘telling of a tale,’ but one in which the actors/performers (use the word that fits best) craftfully guide the audience into being ‘part’ of the story. The extended hands with ‘tick tock tick tock’ to show the passing of time, the interactions with the children while they are in the audience (hiding among them, asking them questions), and the explaining a part of the story with both actions AND words), are just a few of the many ways in which a live theatre experience becomes very ‘real’ for even the youngest of our audience members.

What is the BEST part of a ‘Rags to Riches’ performance? FUN! Absolute fun and playfulness are first and foremost in telling of any story and with any audience! Their performances are one that we just don’t want to see come to an end. However, they always leave the kids with a ‘happily ever after’ spirit and encourage them to go and read the stories for themselves. Fun, literature, acting….how much better can it get? Yes, it’s MAGIC indeed!”

Barbi Bailey-Smith
NBC Art Educator
Durham Public Schools

I read Stone Soup and Rumplestiltskin with students during their visits to Media. The students decided they would like to see Rumplestiltskin performed. I reminded students to look for differences between the story and the performance they would see. .. students were very positive about the performance and enjoyed discussing the differences they noticed.

Eastway Elementary School

We really feel that your plays are always a good fit for our Core Knowledge curriculum. Rumplestiltskin is a Core story that first grade students need to know. Rags to Riches gave them a chance to experience the story as a play. The play really helped to show them that stories can be experienced in so many ways.

RN Harris Elementary School

I guess if I had to marry a frog, I would want a funny one like that one we saw today…” We had such a wonderful time at your show and hope to be able to see you again very soon.

4 year old from Rowan Public Library

The kids all thoroughly enjoyed it and we have heard them doing the sounds for “magical moment” ever since you all left!

Eli Lovell, an audience member