About R2R

Sad to say, there are very few people who actually have the chance to live their dream. Glad to say, that is not the case with us.



Rags to Riches - Lou and Melody Peters

Rags to Riches was incorporated in Durham, NC, in 1993 as a professional touring company, achieving 501(c)3 status as a not-for-profit organization. Lou and Melody Peters founded the company after working as professionals in theatre for many years.

Rags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences has been bringing its unique adaptations of familiar folk and fairy tales to young audiences in elementary schools, theaters, libraries and preschools throughout North Carolina and the eastern United States for the past twenty years. These productions of participation plays, written by Lou Peters, delight young audiences through use of comedy and engage them by asking that they provide the environment within which the actors perform. The whole audience is taught the “cues” at which times in the production they will be asked to participate as howling wolves, clocks ticking, roosters crowing, wind rushing or by providing the travel music upon which the characters move from scene to scene.

Rags to Riches theatre for young audiences’ productions are designed to support the Common Core curriculum in English Language Arts Standards of speaking and listening, language, writing and helps to fulfill the standard 10 exposure to a range of text type.

Rags To Riches also offers creative drama residencies of all shapes and sizes and has done so since 1993. Residencies have been successfully enjoyed as far away as Zuni, New Mexico and most recently in Caswell County for all of the Elementary schools in the county.  All residencies are designed to support the teachers who are charged with implementing Common Core standards.


Organizational Goals

  • To produce plays of varied style, content and cultural orientation that introduces young audiences to the value of theatre;
  • To contribute to the employment of professional theatre artists;
  • To make tangible the assumption that all cultures share similar formative stories;
  • To offer opportunities for young audiences see and interpret the great storytelling through theatre;
  • To build the theatre audiences of the future by exposing youth to quality theatre today.



Rags To Riches productions are written and directed by Lou Peters. The costumes are designed by Melody Peters. The set is designed by Michael Linteau. This show is designed as a touring production that will play in almost any facility. The cast is made up of Melody and Lou Peters who have been professional actors for over 20 years and founded the company in 1993. Lou holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Child Drama from UNC-G and Melody holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from UNC-G.