Welcome to Rags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences

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We are a traveling theatre troupe, entertaining the young and the young at heart with stories pulled from history, literature and fantasy. Our performances include music, laughter and improvisation.

Each year we put out a repertoire for the season, packing our props into a trunk and quite literally taking our show on the road. We perform in front of hundreds of people each month.

But Rags to Riches is not just for watching. Oh no, if indeed that were the case, we would be lost for words.


Rags to Riches is currently closed

Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Rags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences is closed. We miss our wonderful audiences and hope to see you all very soon. Please stay tuned for updates here on our website as well on our Facebook page.


You Become Part of the Show

Our shows rely on participation – we teach our audiences songs and shouts and moves and dances. You just may end up being a tree or a fish or the net that catches one.

Rags to Riches is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1993. It is the culmination of a dream and we value the support offered by the community.

Rags to Riches 2019-2020 Season of Plays

Rags to Riches 2019-2020 Season of Plays BrochureRags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences is thrilled to announce our 2019-2020 Season of plays. We would love to come perform for your school or group. Reach out to us today by email or give us a call, 919-423-8696


Download our 2019-2020 Season of Show Brochure, in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format


Dreams for Rags To Riches

We would love to bring Rags To Riches theatre for young audiences to a school of higher learning. We believe that our plays and style of production would be an effective teaching tool as well as a wonderful outreach for an institution of higher learning.  With 24 years of experience and an MFA and a BFA would could teach and/or develop many credit hours of coursework.

People are Talking

You performed at Morehead this past week—I didn’t see it, but Lena reported that it was great!  She was singing various songs about Stone Soup all evening.  She also noted that in all your plays, she really likes the travelling music.

I’m pretty sure you all are magic, the way you keep kids’ attention and worm your stories into their malleable little brains!

Laura, parent of audience member

Myself and my two young children saw your performance of The Frog Prince this past Wed. at the Rowan Public Library. I just wanted to pass along something that my four year old son had to say about your show….“I guess if I had to marry a frog, I would want a funny one like that one we saw today…” We had such a wonderful time at your show and hope to be able to see you again very soon. Thanks for the laughs!!!

Crystal Love

“The Owl and the Turtle”

The Owl and the TurtleGet your copy of Lou Peters’ book, “The Owl and the Turtle” here, from Lulu.com.